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The Reviews Are In! 


You killed it, Charisse!!!  Your material is funny as shit, but you also sure know how to work the hell out of that screen!!!!

Really, really good! Whew, girl I needed those laughs.  Work it! You look fantastic, and those big blue eyes are so great! I haven’t seen anyone work the zoom screen like you, honestly. Bravo!!!!

-Jeff Darter (writer)

We have been looking for a standup comedian to add variety to the show, and came across your videos on Youtube and just have to say we LOVE you.  Very talented!!


OMG, You were awesome. Beautiful and funny! Would love to have you come back in a couple of months.

-Rhonda Shear (Up All Night, QVC)

Can’t say it enough, you rock!  You bust people’s shit and it’s so necessary. I try, but I pull up short. You drop warheads on foreheads. And I salute you.



You’re an amazing talent and wonderful person!

-Bruce Lipsky (comic)

Charisse was great! My family and I had no idea about her. So, when she showed up and the show started everybody was laughing like crazy. They just loved her.  She is great!” - YOLANDA B, Paramount, CA 

(from a lovely gay man) You are so funny, that if you grew a dick, I’d marry you!!!”  - Scott Dobbin

Charisse, I wanted to thank you once again for appearing at what we hope will be the first of many annual gala dinners. I have spoken to many, many people, all week, and they absolutely loved your routine. And at the monthly board meeting they could not stop raving about what a great time everything had thanks to you…” – Howard J. Levine President of Temple B’ nai Hayim

You were hilarious, happy to have you.

-Banghou Productions


Charisse, thanks for inviting me to the comedy show last night. I really enjoyed it. You were great with a lot of new material. I especially liked your joke “sorry just isn’t good enough” and the Denny’s photographer. Also, your blue eyes looked gorgeous onscreen.

-Felice Levine

Charisse, thank you for your participation in the third annual BTC Men’s Club Comedy Night Special. Your witty commentary and wonderful comedy were significant contributors to the success of this fund-raiser…

Your comedy was perfectly synchronized with the sensibilities of the audience and their response said it all. It was an evening of big belly laughs and I suspect that most, if not all, of the 200 attendees went home with a side ache from all the funny stuff flying around the room.

-Steven Karpeles, President BTC Men’s Club

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